Equipment & Facilities


The Mannix group has moved into our freshly renovated lab space of approximately 1500 ft.2, divided into two sections in the Moore Building within the Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials (GLAM):

  • General Lab Space and CVD Lab: Space for sample storage and preparation, with an adjacent room housing space for growth systems.

  • Low Vibration Lab Space: Acoustically isolated lab housing cryogenic UHV STM with connected MBE chamber. Adjacent space houses sample preparation benches and liquid helium recycling system.

Additional facilities include a home-built, 100 mm wafer MOCVD furnace for transition metal dichalcogenides in the Allen building.


MBE for Novel 2D Materials Growth

Robotic Vacuum Stacking System for vdW Heterostructures

(SLAC Q-BALMS LDRD, Collab. with David Goldhaber-Gordon)

100 mm Wafer MOCVD for TMDCs

UHV-CVD System with 2273 K Sample Heater!

DUV-VIS-NIR Hyperspectral Microscope

2nd Floor Sample Growth Labs

Basement STM Lab

Helium Recovery System, Awaiting Install

STM Lab Sample Prep Zone