Mannix Research Group

Engineering quantum materials at the atomic limit.

Our Research

Atomically-thin 2D materials provide unprecedented opportunities to tailor the structure – and thus, the properties – of matter down to the fundamental atomic limit in thickness and, increasingly, via precision in-plane structuring.  

In our lab, we study growth, heterostructure assembly, nanoscale devices, and fundamental structure - property relationships of atomically-thin 2D materials. 

To enable our work, we explore new methods of synthesis, build unique automated in-vacuum heterostructure fabrication tools, fabricate nanoscale devices, and develop novel methods of scanning probe and hyperspectral opto-electronic characterization. We are investigating diverse applications for our materials, ranging from high performance semiconductors to bio-integrated electronics and quantum information science.

Open Positions

The Mannix Group is continuously seeking motivated graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to contribute to fundamental and applied research in the area of 2D semiconductor and quantum materials.

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in materials science, physics, applied physics, engineering, or optics. Prior experience in 2D crystal growth, atomic-scale characterization, or heterostructure fabrication is advantageous but not required. 

Interested applicants should send a CV to Professor Andy Mannix (ajmannix [at]

Highly motivated undergraduate researchers at Stanford or admitted to the REU program are also encouraged to contact Prof. Mannix!